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Season of Embers

Season of Embers

The Bonded Trilogy - Book 1


Sofi and Darja may seem like average teenagers, but they’re anything but. After all, one of them is alive…and one of them is not. The bond that joins them sets them on a collision course with the Vaikesti, a people dedicated to the old ways, the old beliefs…and an ancient magic.


But when a stranger starts poking around in the darkest corners of the town’s history, Sofi and Darja must decide if he’s friend or foe, and if he can help solve the riddle of an archaic and mysterious text—before the whole town ends in ashes.

Told in alternating perspectives, this thrilling fantasy novel uncovers a town’s hidden secrets, exposing the lengths it, and its citizens, will go to in order to preserve their way of life.

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