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Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves...

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

We're celebrating the launch of Glasswing Press, an independent publisher for, by, about and in support of women authors.

Logo design by our talented artist-in-residence, Laura Black.

A New Era in Self-Publishing

As little as a decade ago, the idea of self-publishing a novel may have received some raised eyebrows... and a few eye rolls. Self-publishing was for those who couldn't hack it as a traditionally published writer. The ones who cared more about saying, "I'm a published author," than actually writing something people want to read. Well, the times, they have a'changed. Today, with an influx of quality content combined with voracious readers hungry for more, self-publishing offers a platform for writers to be heard, and to connect with their audience in a more personal, meaningful way.

The Transformation Begins

As friends and writers, Laura Black and Wendi Williams began their partnership as burgeoning authors, marketers and publishers with an idea. A crazy one, some might say, but these two have never been afraid of crazy. After Laura's first novel, The Last Culling, received some interest from online publishing companies, she and Wendi - her editor - began to discuss the pros and cons. What they realized was this: they had the ability, resources and motivation to do everything the publishers promised in promoting and distributing the book... while also maintaining control of the content and autonomy over decisions relating to its publication. Most of these publishers were run and staffed primarily by men, and most promised to take a significant portion of royalties from book sales. They decided to take a risk and do it themselves, going beyond self-publishing a novel to conceptualizing and creating an entire publishing company. While Glasswing is still in the cocoon phase of its development, it is hoped by both partners that the business will soon emerge, spread its wings, and take those first few fluttering leaps toward the sky.

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