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FAQ: Are you women nuts??

Er, well... yes, is the short answer. Anyone who knows either Laura or Wendi individually probably already knows that we're fans of big, crazy ideas. And when we get together, well, the result is even bigger, crazier ideas. Like starting an independent publishing company with no experience, not a lot of money, one almost-finished novel... but TONS of support and encouragement.

For a while, I (Wendi) felt almost dumb, calling us a publishing company. It felt too grand, you know? Like we were just posing and hoping no one would notice the girls at the party who clearly weren't invited.

Then I realized something. I felt this same way when I became a writer. And when I say, "became," I mean, "when people actually paid me for the writing of the words." I thought I was being pretentious, or even worse, embarrassingly naive, in labeling myself the one thing I've always known I would be.

I saw this photo recently on a friend's Facebook page, and it stuck with me for a long time. I write. People read it. Some of them pay me. There's no reason I shouldn't call myself a writer. And now, there's no reason Laura and I shouldn't call ourselves publishers. Just because we're new, or just because we're women, doesn't mean we can't make our mark on this industry.

So, here's to all the women. The ones who hustle. The ones who believe in big, crazy ideas. The ones who aren't afraid to call themselves what they know they are. And here's to new adventures - we hope you'll join us on this one!

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