Maybe It's You
Fairfield Novellas Book 1
February 2020

When a nomadic wanderer and a stalwart bookseller cross paths and sparks fly, will their burgeoning attraction be enough to bridge the differences between them?

Ellen isn’t used to staying in one place for long. Sam, on the other hand, has built a home, a business and a community in his comfortable small town. When fate (with a little help from a summer rainstorm and a car that’s seen better days) brings the two together, the connection between them is undeniable. But can Ellen settle her restless spirit long enough to find something meaningful? And can Sam break free of past hurts and embrace his future?


Maybe, for Ellen and Sam, it’s going to be romance. Maybe it’s happy-ever-after. Maybe it’s love.

Maybe It’s You.

Maybe It’s You is the first book of the Fairfield Novellas series, a four-part romance set in the sleepy, sweet (sometimes sexy!) town of Fairfield, Indiana.

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